Saturday, February 13


Hello world! It seems appropriate that our first post would be about food. You'll come to know just how much we love to cook in what we call a "cozy kitchen", a mere slice of square footage in an already small quaint bungalow.

We were somewhat snowed in today. Well, the snow melted quickly and the rest of the people in the world were out and about, but we took the opportunity to stay indoors. But you need to know that staying indoors isn't something that is foreign to us. We love it. Mainly because pajamas are completely acceptable.

While in our pj's and glued to the sofa, we tuned into Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate (warning: do not watch this if you are hungry or bored) and immediately craved, well, chocolate!

So, we made these cupcakes. Not only were they semi-healthy, but were chocolaty to the max and yummmmerz! They're supposedly claimed by the devil but are too darn good to be bad.

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  1. Yay! Great job with the blog, Liz. :)

    Just FYI. That chocolate cupcake in the last photo? It looked so scrumptious I had to stop myself from licking the screen goshdarnit.

    Good luck with the business!

  2. Thanks so much lisa!

    Don't you be licking that screen!
    you should make those cupcakes, they are YUM!