Monday, April 12


One of our new favorite shows is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. And in case you are just tuning in, we LOVE cooking (and eating) food. We really like what the show stands for, which is all about fresh cooking made easy. And we totally support his efforts in helping American school kids, and Americans as a whole, eat healthier. There is just something about knowing exactly where your food comes from, that it's free from preservatives and having the satisfaction of preparing something with your own hands.

But, we are not high and mighty, even we occasionally splurge on some good fast food. Nothing wrong with some good fast food on occasion and a little something we have dubbed Biscuit Saturday (which occurs maybe once a month), helllooooo Bojangles chicken filet biscuit (with tomato), um, we're southern. If you have never experienced that, you simply must. But, back to healthy talk...

We also got the Food Revolution cookbook and started working our way through it a few weeks ago. This is the second recipe from the book that we've made, Shrimp and avocado with an old-school marie rose sauce. The cool, smooth avocado with crisp pea shoots, and crunchy shrimp with a fresh squeeze of lemon makes a quick spring time lunch. We had never heard of an old-school marie rose sauce, but it was a lot like a thousand island dressing without the pickles and sub in a teaspoon of whiskey. It was creamy and cool and paired well with the hot shrimp and made a great dressing for the avocado and pea shoots!

We will be posting more recipes from the book as we make them! Let us know if you've made anything great lately or what you think about Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution!

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  1. My pillow was up yesterday! I feel super lucky :)

    And this food spread looks healthy AND delish. But I'm with you on the chicken and biscuits. Alabama girl here!

  2. your pillows are SO fantastic :)

    oh girl, i'm so glad to hear that you love the biscuits too! It's a southern thing i know!

  3. Mmm that looks so good. i just started a diet today...the shrimp looks very tempting!
    xox alison

  4. Alison: It was very tasty and actually pretty healthy! i canNOT resist good shrimp!

  5. man this looks sooo tasty.. we're all about the marie rose in the uk.. not so much thousand island.

    his food is always yum though.. I always seem to be cooking his recipes which show they work.

  6. Wellies and Vogue: i figured it was a uk thing! I have never heard of it. But it was very tasty! I have liked all of his recipes we have cooked too!