Thursday, April 22


Meet Bob and Courtney Novogratz and their 7, yes 7, kids (who, by the way, Chris and I decided will end up being the most creative kids in the world, just look at them-hello!). Bob and Courtney have made a name for themselves by "flipping" houses. But, they refer to it more as buying houses, renovating and designing them, living in them and then selling them (and by selling them, that means any time no matter what, they will move).

Maybe it's the fact that the homes they create are in the millions, or that they have such stellar taste: a mix of antiques and modern (though we wouldn't pick some pieces as modern as they do- hello, shark-tooth looking biggest desk in the world), or that Bob is probably the most laid back man in the world or maybe it's the sub-contractor Antonio, but whatever it is, we are totally addicted to this show.


  1. I think I read about them in the NYT awhile back. So wishing I had a TV right now, maybe I can watch in to find out! xo katie

  2. Yes! I love this show!! I wish they could design my house!

  3. i know, me too! they are SO great at design!

    Katie, did you find it online? it's pretty addictive and since you like interior design so you will love it!