Tuesday, May 11


When we design custom wedding invitations, we like to find out a little about the clients as people and as a couple as well as the style and feel of their wedding. So Sarah sent us their adorable engagement photos and then we knew from looking at those that they had fun personalities.

Sarah sent us a few inspiration boards she had seen and we briefly glanced at this for the rustic and classic style she was going for, but we focused mostly on the only other inspiration she sent us: a screen shot from Bilbo Baggins birthday party in Lord of the Rings. She sent this because she loved the feel and the festive nature of the event and said she wanted her reception to be like this! The first thing we noticed form this shot was the banner that was hanging from the trees and the overall light-hearted festive appearance of the party.

After asking Sarah what type of decor she was having (various shapes and sizes of antique vases, bottles and jars with various groupings of flowers in them), and the type of flowers (some peonies, other flowers, and the rest were wildflowers), we honed in on the wildflower concept. She also mentioned a scene from the movie Atonement where Kiera Knightly's character is carrying a vase of wildflowers and she loved the feel of this (As you can tell, Sarah loves movies). I knew exactly what scene she was talking about (hello, how beautiful is that movie?) so I pulled an image for wildflower inspiration. So we illustrated various wildflowers with detailed line drawings and we combined this with silhouetted flowers to add variety.

For the RSVP we wanted to take the feel of the invite and translate it into a vintage floral pattern with an almost fabric-like look, to give it that sweet southern feel seeing as Chris and Sarah are getting married in Tennessee and are both southerners.

I think the best part of this was Sarah's reaction when she saw them! She sent us this scene from Raising Arizona because it best described how she felt about them.

Invitation design and photos by ©2010 Dapper Paper


  1. I want these invites!! So cute my friend is getting married and I'm going to send her your link!

  2. thank you SO much! that is so sweet! We really appreciate that! :)

  3. I really love that gray envelope. It's just a great change of pace.

  4. Love the color combo...and the grey envelopes are an amazing touch. Love the invite...so beautiful!


  5. if only i had discovered you when we were getting married! i love grey and yellow together. these are perfect. i especially love the envelopes that say "hope to see you there!"

  6. You are just the BEST!

    These are the cutest invites EVER! I honestly wish I had known about you when we were planning our wedding! That would've been amazing!