Monday, May 17


I just spotted this in the new Real Simple. Because as much as I love reading books, I love looking at them (and smelling them...anyone? no? that's weird? okay). So, what's a close second to reading a book? wearing one as a shirt. Out of Print Clothing must agree. Similar to Toms business model, the company claims "For each shirt we sell, one book is donated to a community in need through our partner Books For Africa." So you get a cool shirt and someone else gets the possibility of a lifetime of imagination.

Perfect for those of us who do judge books by their cover.... in the literal sense, not in terms of people.
Check it out and tell me what your favorite one is? And which one you would love to see (helloooo Pride and Prejudice please!)


  1. i would love a pride & prejudice one!!

  2. This is the greatest thing ever! Have to show Dog/fiance immediately. We are bookworms. :)

  3. Love. These. The shirts look so well made; I want ALL OF THEM. And me 3 on Price & Prejudice. :) Great post, thanks for sharing!!

  4. I'm glad ya'll like these too!

    chris, we should write them and tell them we have 3 people who would buy it, i'm sure they would make us one!

    bird, i'm a bookworm too! :)

    Alison, I think they look well made too and very soft like American apparel and i canNOT resist a worn-in t-shirt!

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  6. ooops i accidently deleted my comment.

    it would be awesome if they created a pride & prejudice tee and if they are/feel worn-in the better.

  7. I have this bookmarked! I'm totally one of those people that buys a book ONLY because of the cover. For shame!

  8. Chris: i know! seriously. I think your last comment that got deleted was asking what i was reading (i got an email) haha. I"m finishing this book that my mother-in-law gave me called Firefly Lane and when I am done I am planning on reading Redeeming Love!
    How 'bout you?

    Elizabeth: i know! me too! oopsies, it's totally why i pick them up if I don't know what they are...and then even if i do know the book, i want to buy the version with the best cover! haha.

  9. me too! i love my books, and love looking at them...i have definite book pride! these shirts are so cute...though i'm not sure if i would wear one...perhaps to bed!
    xox alison