Friday, May 21


We are about to go over to our friends Matt and Christin's house to watch the SERIES finale of Lost! It's been a good run guys and I'm proud to say I have been with you sense the beginning. 6 Years ago the family and I tuned into the first episode of Lost. I knew it would be awesome because I was a fan of Alias and Felicity. In case you weren't aware, Mr. Abrams was responsible for that little piece of television magic as well.

Now, answer some questions and wrap this up! And no more of my favorites better die (i'm talking about the waterworks I couldn't control with Jin and Sun...maybe they are really alive in the real universe...or the alternate real...or whatever. I'm holding out hope.)

Goodbye dear friend. We can't believe this is the end. I'm 94.5% sure I'll shed a tear, or lots. We will miss watching you.

Will you be watching?


  1. We didn't watch the finale, I tried to catch up on the recaps at the beginning of the season but it didn't really work so I didn't want to see the end before I see all the episodes. Although I'm sure I'll end up finding out what happens before I watch all the seasons anyway.
    It always makes me sad when a show ends though, so many of my favorite shows have ended and I got totally sappy each time. Hope you find a replacement next season!

  2. Ah I CRIED like a big baby! I think I was so emotional partly because I was so sad it was ending and partly because they really focused on the PEOPLE and their relationships. I thought it was so sweet- albeit a bit confusing. RIP Lost! ;)

  3. oh i know Erin! i feel like I have lost some friends! i just can't get past it! haha.

    hip hip gin gin:
    it is impossible to jump in on, i know! It's one of those shows you just have to watch in order or it will be confusing!
    I was definitely totally sad. But, maybe not as sad as when Friends ended! haha.