Monday, July 26


Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had fantastic weekends! We spent ours in Wrightsville Beach at my parents condo with them, my sister, and my brother and sister-in-law and my 2 ridiculously cute nieces!

And I have something to share with you to make this monday more bearable. Do ya'll love jewelry?! Um, I do. And I would say probably 50% of mine is the mastermind of my lovely jewelry-making aficionado of a sister, Christine. So it is with grand joy that I announce the recent launch of their fun-to-the-max website, The Orange Panda. The Orange Panda is the work of my sister and our friend Sarah Goin. And ya'll, if you want some awesome unique and original jewelry, they are your go-to source. Everything has a very organic handmade feel mixed with their eye for color and creativity and mutual love of all things hip and stylish. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

They also specialize in custom jewelry so it is the perfect thing for a wedding party! My sister designed my bridesmaids' jewelry (which in turn was their gift: 2 birds, one stylish stone). She also created a bracelet for me for my wedding day which was my something blue. One of our friends had them design broaches and earrings for all of her bridesmaids so the possibilities are endless and they are pieces you can wear long after the wedding is over!

So head on over to their website to check out what they are about as well as a portfolio of some of the pieces they have created. And also check out their Etsy shop which features their collection of every-day jewelry that you can purchase! Be sure to follow them on Twitter for updates on the shop and new pieces!


  1. Ahhhh I love you! Hopefully you will wear your rad new necklace with pizazz like always! Just don't get robs! Love you!

  2. Love you! I'm hungry! Where's my burritos???

    Chris was just saying how COOL that necklace was that you made for me....really, it's SICKening.

  3. Oh that owl necklace is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing :)