Monday, August 9


It's Monday, so you may have the blahs! So here is some music for the week! Love me some Arcade Fire (who are on the killer label located in Chapel Hill, Merge Records, which includes She & Him, Spoon, Camera Obscura, M. Ward, The Shout Out Louds, the Rosebuds and more: our heart is proud). After hearing 4 tracks online before The Suburbs was released, I was totally anxious to get the entire thing! It did not disappoint. And the artwork... you know we are looooovin' the artwork.

Now, a friend of ours felt the same way about this as he did about The National's latest release: nothing stands out, it doesn't have the hooks. I agree that it's different from their previous and there isn't a "Wake Up" any where on it and it maybe not as "catchy" but I'm still loving every minute of it.

And for all you vinyl fans out there, from their website: "So for the new album, we had each of the 16 tracks mastered to a 12 inch lacquer and then transferred back to digital format so that the CD and digital version of the record sound just like the vinyl." Nice moves. Arcade Fire, I can't quit you.


  1. After several listens to both, I'm loving them. They just took a while to catch on. Can't say I love Suburbs as much as Neon Bible, but I also can't stop listening to it. Especially daggone "Rococco" - that song is amazing.

  2. Arcade Fire = <3 fo sho. thanks for the fun post!

  3. I'm loving it too - hooks or no hooks!!

  4. Seriously.. i LOVE Arcade Fire! And I agree that the artwork is amazing! Hope you & Chris have been well! xoxo

  5. I know ya'll, it is some good good stuff!

    Erin: I hope you are doing well! You have been missed in our blogosphere :)