Friday, November 5


Happy Friday everyone!
Speaking of recipes and food, ....which we were yesterday...sort of.... (see previous post), today and today only (since each giveaway is only up for one day) we are part of the November Giveaway on one of my personal favorite foodie blogs, Joy the Baker! So head on over and comment TOO-day (see video below for pronunciation of that word) to win a set of each of our recipe card designs and get to cookin'!

oh and this:

we had this episode of SNL on our DVR and watched this skit everyday for like 3 months...i think our DVR was telling us to stop because it deleted it even though we had set it to not delete until we were ready.

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  1. I was JUST thinking about tracking down this clip for a re-watch. It's hysterical; thanks for posting. Also, I'm digging the new recipe cards. :)