Friday, February 25


I have liked Adele since she made her debut- nobody can deny the musical magic that is Chasing Pavements. But, with this album, Adele transitioned from my like category to my Lurve category. I lurve this album. It is a nod to another era of music. And interestingly enough motown aside, I can hear some country influence as well- as in old school country.
And also, if you don't feel some emotional excitement from hearing Rolling in the Deep or Rumor Has It or Set The Fire To Rain, you may want to get to your doctor immediately because you may suffer from something, I don't know what, but something. Not to mention, she covers The Cure: 'nough said.
Listen to this album, buy this album, dance to it, cry to it, smile to it, just soak it in. I think it's pretty incredible.


  1. ooh. i love motown, first. second, i love adele. i can't wait to check out her new album, for sure!

  2. Lizzie: me too! let me know what you think of it!!


  3. Agreed! Rolling in tha deeeeeeee-eeeeep...

  4. Tommy: I know! canNOT get enough of that!