Wednesday, October 5


THIS rug! You like? I searched endlessly for a navy and white striped rug, to no avail. I even searched for a blue and white striped rug, nada. And I mean like consecutive evenly spaced lines.(and yes, I know that she makes them and killer ones at that. but that's not currently our rug pricepoint) I'm pretty particular ya'll, I studied interior design as well so when I have an idea in mind, i needs it. i wants it. Which, I miss designing interiors and am trying to creep back into that...
I liked this rug because yes, it has that chevron vibe, but it's a little "off". It's not exactly lined up perfectly, which I like. I intended it to be for the living room, but I found something I prefer for that I think so this bad boy is probably studio-bound. I'm on a rug kick right now, have you found any amazing ones lately??


  1. Tres chic!

    (My last comment did not post successfully.)

  2. Hi there,
    Where did you find this rug?

  3. Hi! We actually go it at Rugs USA ( They have a huge selection. Not sure if this rug is still available. We actually ended up selling it because it overwhelmed our space a bit!