Thursday, July 12


Introducing our most recent branding and packaging design project: Slingshot Coffee Co. This Raleigh, NC based company is not only in our hometown, but also owned by a friend of ours, Jenny Bonchak. This stuff is amazingly tasty and comes in a ready-to-drink and concentrate.

We really wanted to give the logo and overall branding a unique look that would pop off the shelf, while keeping a rustic, vintage-modern aesthetic, which was important to the client. To differentiate between the ready-to-drink and concentrate bottles, we reversed out the bold black and cream colors and added one accent color to each bottle. We used lid stickers that coordinate in color with their coffee type. This coffee is seasonal and the lid sticker text will change with each new coffee blend, describing the flavor profiles of each one. Slingshot is currently available in the Triangle area.


  1. I saw the bottle at Jubala Village Coffee, became obsessed with the branding, and now have a sweet little collection of Slingshot bottles in my kitchen. Great work all around!

  2. Thanks so much Mary! We are SO happy that you like it, I bet they look oh so cute sitting in your kitchen! Enjoy the coffee and thank you for the kind words! :)


  3. I just love this. I don't know what else to say. Y'all always blow me away.

  4. aw, Thanks so much Tommy!!!


  5. You guys NAILED this. We love the label so much, we removed it from the empty bottle and hung in our kitchen! Great work!

  6. Thanks so much Jennifer! We are SO glad to hear that :)

  7. I just love this. I don't know what else to say.

  8. Packaging is a very important thing to consider when promotion a project because it’s the first thing a client sees, even before the product. My favorite would be The Slingshot Coffee. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!

  9. I'm not even sure I like iced coffee..but I want it because of the packaging. Is it in the UK at all?

  10. Wow. Seems like it taste great. Is it available now?

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  15. Just came across this during my inspiration hunting session, great work. I love my hot coffee but would definitely pick this up because of the beautiful packaging and typography.

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  21. I'm trying to emulate, to a minor extent, the packaging style of this coffee. I am in love with the custom tape/sticker band that covers the cap and adheres to the bottle. I cannot find and "official" name for this component of the packaging. Do I look for "tape", "band", or what? I would love some help in tracking down this style of adhesive strip. Thank you! This branding is brilliant!

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