Friday, May 17


Welp, it's been a while since a post. sorry about that.  We are going to try to get this ol' blog back up and running. We have some plans to revamp the look in the near future so stick around for that!

We took a trip with Chris' family last weekend to Colonial Williamsburg. I had never been but Chris went when he was little. 
Of course our old souls were in love. 
As designers of graphics (and interiors) we were so inspired by the colonial vibe.  The colonial folk definitely had some good taste, even if they didn't know it.  Sometimes we think we were born in the wrong era, but then we think about scurvy... and we are glad we were born in this era of modern health and medicine. But, we can still love on the past...from afar!  We snapped some pics on our iphones so hope you get some inspiration too!