Tuesday, February 23


While creating this blog, I made my way over to Google images to find a few images to use in test posts. I'm a typography geek, so my first search query was just that (minus the geek part). I saw the "Good Typography is Invisible, Bad Typography is Everywhere" image (top left) and it blew my mind. And I knew once we got the blog up and running, I would post about this and find out more about the person behind such works.

This person is Craig Ward, an Art Director and Senior Designer in New York that is seasoned in his craft. I looked through his work and wanted to pull everything to post, but picked a few favorites to show here. He does such a flawless job using type as an art form and really gives it meaning and a feeling that takes true skills to achieve.

I believe type is one of the most important elements in a design, and I think he probably feels the same way. I think a a lot of designers (myself included) gravitate to great photographs or illustrations to make up for the lack for great typography. But don't get me wrong, there are always times when typography should take a back seat to other elements in design, and good designers know when are where to make that happen. But even in those times, good typography is equally as important to make the entire piece come together.


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