Friday, February 26


I've been dreaming of this Anthropologie sweater for some time now.

I am not afraid of embellishments. I love them, in an unexpected way. But, maybe I should be afraid of them making my shoulders too broad. Why?

(Cue the hazy flashback with my chin resting in my hand)

After I got married, my sister, husband and I went through my closet because the huz and I were living in our tiny cozy house and I just couldn't keep everything I had accumulated and didn't always wear but refused to part with (you understand ladies).
So, I tried on a sweater that i had worn NUMEROUS times, I mean for at least 5 years – a Gap black and white horizontal striped sweater. I say "How about this?" My sister says "hmmm...that makes your shoulders look big"..." really?!", "I've worn this sweater for like 5 years. And you NEVER told me that!?!" I said ..."Oh", says she. "but, you have...but you kind of have big shoulders anyways."

WHAT?! I do?! News to me. But luckily my sister and I were laughing profusely during this interaction, therefore humor lightened this tragedy: I have broad shoulders.

Well, ya know what? They are about to get even broader because I'm going to get this sweater and wear it for another 5 years and totally ignore the fact that I may look like a football player, albeit, a well-dressed stylish football player.


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