Sunday, March 7


While most people were rushing to Target, Walmart, or (plug in your store of choice here) to pick that perfect mediocre Valentine's Day card, I was cramming to design one of my own.

My wife loves to cook, and is really, really, really good at it. I'm spoiled. She sits on the couch a few nights a week flipping through her never-ending stacks of cooking magazines, and picks out our menu for lunch and dinner. She's introduced me to flavor profiles and ingredients that I never knew existed!

So as I was sitting there trying to think of a card that really meant something, and was somewhat creative, I came up with this. However, this is not the version I gave her. Due to my lack of knowledge of what most herbs look like, she told me I actually illustrated basil the first time around, not thyme. Oops.

So, we went back to the drawing board, and this time I let her illustrate the thyme. The end product was much better, and we decided to add it to our list of items in our Etsy shop. Hopefully other foodies out there will enjoy this card, and won't have to make that dreaded trip to the store for a not-so-good one.

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  1. aaaww...this is really cute! i wouldn't know if it's basil or thyme on the picture, haha but this is very nice, i bet the wife was very pleased with the idea! :)