Saturday, March 20


So we're doing a cool give-away thing right now on our friend Kearsie's blog, Sounds Like Tomatoes. Head on other there, check out her blog, and comment on the give-away post and you'll be entered to win a 5 pack of our French Moderne thank you cards!

Through this give-away someone commented to Kearsie that the Dapper Paper "thyme" card was on the "FP" right now. We and Kearsie both replied with, "what in the world is "FP?". While we were waiting to find out what that meant, we checked out Etsy and saw our card in the hand picked items section on the FP, which we then realized was the "front page". Now we know!

We were really excited to see this, and so glad that one of Kearsie's readers pointed that out. Otherwise we would have had no idea it was there.


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