Tuesday, May 4


If I had this bike, i would CRUIZE! so fast....

how sick is Liberty of London?! We bought the containers for flour, sugar, etc and two coffee mugs (which make me feel SO british when I drink hot tea out of them- i'm such an anglophile).
Have you bought any of their target goods?

Liberty of London for Target via kaboodle.com


  1. Holy moly, that bike is amazing! I LOVE target, and I love feeling British when I'm really not..I need to go to target.

  2. love the bike!! I bought a couple of dresses for my goddaughter and her baby sister, so cute and the pop up store in london was just adorable!!

  3. I got such a sweet little chemise made by Liberty for Target. I LOVE it. Love it.

  4. Kalie! Get thee to a target! I wonder if British people like to feel American? probably not.

    Helena- i bet those dresses are ADORABLE and I bet that store was so cool!

    Mia-i bet it is SO pretty! and i love when i love something SO much!

  5. I GOT THE BIKE! I rode it to the dentist yesterday and was afraid to lock it outside so I parked it right in the waiting room. It got some stares. Worth it.