Monday, February 13


did you watch the Grammys last night??! SO much good, SO much bad. Adele, so so good. Chris Brown's tacky club rave dance performance, bad. Glenn Campbell, good. Nicki M and that exorcism schizo dance, bad. What were your faves? least faves?
This Chipotle commercial featuring Willie Nelson covering Coldplay's The Scientist, better than Coldplay did it might I add, should have won a Grammy on the spot.

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  1. I DVRd that joint and watched it on delay, skipping the commercials. Shame on me, for I missed this little jewel.

    I think that last night's show was one of the best in recent memory. From Bruno Mars to Alicia Keys/Bonnie Raitt to Tony Bennett to The Civil Wars to J.Hud to (chello) ADELE. SO good. And Dave Grohl's speech about keeping it real was rather inspiring, despite that rouge tuft of hair in his eyes. I totally agree with your thumbs down moments, too.

    I'm going to miss Whitney Houston, though. She's always been one of my favorites.