Friday, February 10


So I (Elizabeth) decided to hand make some valentines for special people in my life this year. These people include my grandmothers, parents, sister, a very special aunt and so on. I found this fantastic tutorial on Purl Bee, one of my fav sewing/craft sites. If you don't read it, do it. They make knitting and crochet and sewing hip.
All you need is embroidery thread, needle, scissors (& exact-o which we found to work the best for cutting the hearts out), cardstock (they used super cool neutral colors but I didn't have the time to track them down so I used white), some cute swatches of "valentiney" fabrics. I picked up some fabric quarters for 1.99 at Joanne's.
Pretty and inexpensive!

And here they are!

Do you hand make valentines?? It's so elementary school yet so cool. get into it.


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