Tuesday, April 3


My sis came to visit this weekend! I am sad now since she has gone away. But, here's the breakdown and summary of our weekend: tacos, pizza, iced coffees, shopping, macarons, The Muppets movie, homemade lemon ricotta pancakes, copious amounts of cooking channel, laughter, more iced coffee, cooking steak frites, baking oreo brownies seen on said cooking channel, late night talks, and brunch.

And, then ...Chris and I saw Hunger Games!!! We read the books last year and cannot believe the movie is finally here. It seemed like SO long a wait. It was quite enjoyable. We wrapped up our Sunday date with food from our favorite cuisine: french, and a favorite restaraunt, Coquette.

Weekend through INSTAGRAM (& iphone):

sister came to town! we ate tacos!

and fancy dessert!

coffee breaks and beautiful weather

fancy feast (not the cat food)

homemade steak frites


evening in Paris (or close to it...)


  1. Heavens to Betsy. I wish I were related to y'all. (I also watched The Hunger Games. Wow! It was exactly in sync with the books, but it was very close. Otherwise, it would have been 4 hours. I was impressed overall.)

  2. You can be our adopted brother!...I totally agree about The Hunger Games, it looked exactly like I pictured in my mind. I can't believe we have to wait so long for the next one! ahhhh