Saturday, March 24


(photos taken using iphone+instagram)

As soon as the seasons change I find my food cravings instantly change as well. During the winter I crave comforty long cooked foods that make me feel cozy and fill my belly. But, as soon as it warms up, and in the south it warms up fast, I want fresh veggies and salads and since my recent re-watching of Julie and Julia, bruschetta! Have you seen that movie (or firstly, read the book)? If you love to cook, you must watch. But, be prepared to instantly want to make everything they eat, hence the bruschetta.

Yesterday was the day. For the making of the brushcetta, I turned to one of my happy places: our Raleigh Farmers Market. It's pretty terrific and open year round. I obsessively have visited this place over the past few years, but my visits wained once we became members of a local CSA, and they delivered fresh and local tasties right to our door. But, I would get cravings some times and the choices were more limited and also a bit more expensive due to the delivery. So, we took a break from that. Now, I'm revving up for weekly visits to the market. It's just so magical to see all the fresh seasonal foods and the people that work hard to grow and bring them to us. There is nothing like seasonal cooking: try a tomato in the dead of winter and then in the peak heat of summer and try to tell me there is no difference.

I think I was meant to live on a farm. I have long known this, i'm part country girl at heart. But, I love my city life as well. So, city farm it is. Now, about that garden I have been wanting to start...